Windows 10 and Privacy

I was asked about this article (link below) on Windows spying. ¬†I thought I’d post my response here as I’m sure there are many with this question.

It’s no secret that Windows, especially 10, is pretty chatty with Microsoft and is the last OS that the very¬†privacy conscious would ever use. With that said, this article seems over the top and reads more like a commercial for that privacyDr software, which I am not familiar with and wouldn’t recommend at this point. Unless someone is willing to jump ship and move to some version of Linux/Unix I’d say: Stay on Windows 7, or even XP if you are fairly tech and security savy. If you must be on Windows 10 for some reason, then user Lifehacker or ZDnet’s guides to securing Windows 10.

Windows is spying on everything you do…


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