What we do

There is a great deal of experience here at Delta Digital Design. It’s not practical to list every service we offer. This simple answer is, if you have a technology issue the chances are very good that we can help.
One of the things we do is computer repair. Any type of computer; desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.
Data recovery is a service many people would take advantage of if they knew it was available. Whether your hard drive crashed or you deleted a file that you need, we can probably save you at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated data recovery company. Those guys usually have a starting price of $1000 or greater so many people just accept the loss of their important files. We can, very often, get your data back for a tenth of the price.
Ransom-ware is one of the big threats nowadays. Being proactive to secure yourself against this is the best approach. Once you’ve been bitten by these it is usually too late to do anything about it.
So, help is out there and doesn’t have to break your bank. There is never a charge for us to talk to you about your needs and see if we can help.

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