We have gone HTTPS

combination-lock-1239321We talk a lot here about security.  So far we haven’t had any need to make connections to our site secure.  With the developments of the last few years the need for secure connections has shown to be critical to many sites and useful to all.  Maybe you don’t want your ISP knowing what you are reading or writing on our site.  We also wouldn’t want a man in the middle attack to give you bad info or worse, malware that you think is coming from our site.  It’s also become easier to provide secure connections.  As of today we are now accessible at https://www.deltadigitaldesign.com.  We will, for the time being, still remain available over un-encrypted connections too for those who may be using older technology for some reason.  We will also be offering free SSL/TLS certificates to our web customers so we can help encrypt the web.  To put it simply, if you have your site hosted by us you will automatically have a site that accepts secure connections.

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