How NOT to get Windows 10

As Microsoft is aggressively pushing Windows 10, even updating machines without the users consent or knowledge, tools have been created to help disable the Windows 10 nag and prevent updates.  Microsoft has an officially sanctioned method of protecting your Windows 7 or Windows 8 (can’t imagine why you would want to keep that) installation.  This is not for the average user as it requires you to manually edit the registry and group policy but for those who are inclined or who know someone who is (Delta Digital Design could help) it will protect  you from forced updates and nagging about Windows 10.

Click here to go to Microsoft’s page.

For the rest of you there is a tool to automate this, but I link to it here with only anecdotal evidence that it works and with no claims as to the safety of this tool or the integrity it’s developer.

Click here for the simple tool download.


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