Web Design, Hosting and Programming.
Web Design, Hosting and Programming:

Do you want a webpage or website but don’t know where to start? Have you started building one but find yourself having trouble making what you want happen? Looking for some custom programming for your website, web-service, or app? Want to add functionality to a Microsoft Office product like Excel or Word? Let’s discuss how we can make that happen.


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Virus Removal and Security Checks:

Our devices contain a treasure trove of our most important information.  This makes them an attractive target for a multi-billion dollar a year industry for malicious hackers.  With exploits like the Zeus banking trojan that steals your banking information to the Cryptolocker ransom-ware that encrypts all your files until you pay up, keeping yourself safe in the digital world is critical.  We can help you.

Set Up and Fix all your Devices.
Set Up and Fix all your Devices:

Do you need help setting up a new computer, tablet, smartphone or other device? Have a device crash or break? Having trouble installing, or setting up some new software? No problem, let us remove the problems between you and what you want to do.

Set up Printers or other Peripherals.
Set up Printers or other Peripherals:

Are you having problems setting up that new wireless printer? Or, maybe you can’t get that Bluetooth speaker to play? Just give us a call.

Set Up, Configure, and Secure your Network.
Set Up, Configure, and Secure your Network:

Did you know that even if you only have one computer you probably have a home network? Is your network secure? Is it optimized for what you want to do with it? Are the devices in your home secure? Dealing with your Internet Service Provider can be a pain and they aren’t usually vested in your security. Dealing with us is easy and safe.

Data Recovery and Backup Solutions
Data Recovery and Backup Solutions:

The file cabinet, photo box, and other home repositories have largely been replaced with our computers. Critical financial information, priceless photos, music libraries that have been laborious built over years reside on our hard drives. Hard drives fail! It’s not a matter of if but when. We can help you have a backup strategy to protect your data and if the worse should happen we can help you get it back. Even if you’ve deleted a file and realized you need it, we may be able to help.